Founder, Physician

Bob Spady

Dr. Robert Spady, a graduate of Loma Linda University School of Medicine, is board certified in Internal Medicine, LifeStyle Medicine, and has a PhD in Biochemistry. A member of the Moscow-Pullman community since 1988, he is the Director of HealthMotivate.

Commitment to preventative, whole person care inspires Dr. Spady to educate and share knowledge of healthful living. With a love for people and the great outdoors, his interests include photography, jogging, church involvement and travel.

HealthMotivate’s Founder

During his teen years, eager to improve his basketball game, Bob Spady developed a special interest in personal health. He enjoyed sports but his underlying health issues proved a barrier. In his search for answers, he studied the Seventh-day Adventist health message. As he put the counsel into practice, his health improved, and so did his game.

Inspired by the desire to help others, he pursued medicine to share the best scientific information combined with spiritual and lifestyle interventions. The brokenness of the healthcare system and his motivation to make positive changes led him to obtain an MBA in Medical Management. Dr. Spady continues to pursue education and training in improved methods for healthcare delivery.

As a physician, Dr. Spady believes sharing knowledge, encouragement, community and faith are vital to medical ministry. Individuals are empowered to build vibrant, meaningful lifestyles as they take ownership of their health.