Introducing our brand new facility, planned to provide you with optimal primary medical care and a community of wellness. Opening in 2022, HealthMotivate’s Lifestyle and Medical Center is committed to unite the best of science and research based medicine with the body’s own natural healing process to support wholeness. Invested in the infinite value of each person, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, health educators and coaches will make up your support care team.

Together, we will partner with local churches, and community groups to offer classes, programs and services that encourage daily choices for healthy living. Services will include personalized health coaching, community learning, hydrotherapy, plant based cooking classes, and special wellness events. Our plans even include a natural deli serving delicious, healthful food. We invite you to participate as a valuable member of our community as we pursue wholeness and learn to make healthier choices. 

Experience and share the joy of whole living!