Partnering with you in your journey to wholeness, we are fully dedicated to optimize delivery of evidence - based practice of lifestyle interventions.

Focused on improved methods, stronger and more effective ways to support healthy lifestyles, HealthMotivate providers successfully achieved an intensive American College of Lifestyle Medicine Certification. The ACLM is a medical professional society passionate about the urgent need to transform health and healthcare, a galvanizing force for change.

HealthMotivate Care’s healthcare delivery will help you reinforce and build the foundations of your healthy lifestyle incorporating ACLM's pillars which include healthful eating, physical activity, stress management, meaningful relationships, quality sleep, freedom from addiction and other behavior changes necessary for long-term health and wellness.

The root causes of disease will be addressed with evidence-based therapies in lifestyle behaviors, working with you to customize your treatment plan for the reversal and prevention of chronic illnesses and disease.

HealthMotivate was founded with the mission to invest in the infinite value of each person. Years later we are still excited about learning to improve best practices so you will receive optimal support and guidance through every phase of your wholeness journey. We hope you will experience personal healing and wholeness so that every stage of life is your best stage.