As the year comes to a close, we want to thank Dr. Wagner for his many years of dedication and service to his patients. A close friend of Dr. Spady since high school, college and medical school, Dr. Wagner wholeheartedly embraced the shared mission of whole person care and believed in the path to wellness through lifestyle change. 

Due to love for his patients and commitment to HealthMotivate Care, Dr. Wagner postponed retirement that was visible in the horizon. Over the last eleven years, Dr. Wagner felt privileged to offer specialized care in hormone replacement and thyroid therapy. He valued the opportunities to support patients who were seeking to fully live in their prime years of life at every stage.

Dr. Wagner will truly miss seeing his valued patients after December 30. Leading up to his retirement, Dr. Wagner will contribute to further strengthen the foundation of HealthMotivate Care by helping to fine tune the building blocks for the launch of an improved and sophisticated lifestyle medicine program. He will also be mentoring new providers with his rich resource of wisdom. 

In appreciation for his positive impact on many lives through his dedication and innovative approach to medicine, notes of appreciation are being accepted and will be presented to Dr. Wagner on his final day.