Improve the Quality of Lives, Change the Future of Healthcare

Are you interested in working with mission and passion?
Do you have a desire to inspire healthier lifestyle choices?

Join the HealthMotivate Team!

Our vision of transforming healthcare delivery and creating communities of wellness is supported by dedicated people serving in our primary care clinics and on our digital development team. Medical professionals are given opportunities to provide whole person care at HealthMotivate Care, with offices in Moscow, Idaho and Pullman, Washington. We offer opportunities to contribute to the exciting development of a customized patient engagement platform developed in house. We are dedicated to fulfilling the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church by providing quality, high value, compassionate healthcare that encompasses spiritual, physical, emotional and social health.

We are dedicated to delivering the most scientifically up-to-date medical management of disease treatment and prevention while  identifying best pathways to motivate our patients to embrace healthier lifestyle choices.

Together we can invest in the infinite value of each person, encouraging positive behavior changes and lifestyle interventions.

Join us as we journey toward a healthier future!

Healthy Work-Life Balance

HealthMotivate is dedicated to your healthy work-life balance. We want you to experience the joy and hope of reaching your full potential. We are committed to you thriving physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and living in wholeness.

Life is Great on the Palouse

Surrounded by the beautiful rolling hills of the Palouse, HealthMotivate serves a wonderful region.

  • Adventure awaits in your own backyard of beautiful scenery: camping, hiking, kayaking, cycling and more

  • Church family is nearby with local Adventist churches, schools and Walla Walla University a short two hours drive away

  • Culture is rich, neighboring two universities, the communities are abundant in art, education, technology and diversity. Enjoy both urban culture and country living at its finest with art exhibits, festivals, sporting events and community theater

  • Culinary hopes are met with a local farmer's market, a nationally recognized thriving co-op, cooking classes, great restaurants and strong farm-to-table culture

  • Travel is supported by a convenient regional airport