How do I contact my provider after hours?

Call 911 if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

Call the office directly for medically urgent concerns and our answering service will contact one of our providers.

How do I contact the biller with billing questions or issues related to my insurance?

Call the Moscow office and select option 4.

Why was I charged a comprehensive exam when my provider only spent a few minutes with me?

Our office selects billing codes based on a set of criteria established across the billing industry. We only choose codes that are supported by the care provided for each medical encounter. Often the care includes in-person time plus additional time used by the provider to search for new studies and guidelines related to treatment, consultations with specialists, evaluation of test results, and other follow-up calls to you.

Why do you close at noon on Fridays?

Our providers use Friday afternoon to complete charting, follow-up calls, and other work related to patient care. Our entire team uses Friday as a day to prepare for a weekending day of rest, which supports the natural health laws of restoration for further service.