Our story


In life, there are significant moments that give shape, direction and define purpose. HealthMotivate’s founder, Bob Spady, grew up in a Seventh-day Adventist community. As a teenager in academy, he experienced a life changing relationship to health that became the overarching drive for his life work.

At an early age, Bob was fascinated by health. He enjoyed sports, especially basketball, but realized his disadvantage because of underlying personal health issues. His reality instilled a strong desire to improve his personal health.

In his search, he came across a book entitled Counsels on Diet and Foods. He found the book interesting and as he put the simple counsels into practice, his health and athletic performance improved significantly. Bob went on to read Counsels on Health and several others written by the same author, Ellen White.


Looking back, he realized that in the process of going through these books and spending time in devotionals, he had fallen in love with God and His principles. He marveled to himself that God must be amazing to have such beautiful and helpful health principles.

Experiencing the joy of wellness, realizing the importance of spiritual and physical health and how closely related they are, Bob had a longing desire to share this with others.  He decided to study medicine to become a physician so he would have better opportunities to share this wonderful information.

During the course of his education, Bob continued to read and study. He compiled a 50 page document on the importance of spiritual and physical healing to live in wholeness. He was excited about the possibility of how this whole person approach could revolutionize medical care and provide a way for healing. Upon completing his training in medicine, Bob and Linda moved to Moscow, Idaho, bought a private practice and started a family. They dedicated themselves to health ministry, starting a project known today as HealthMotivate Care.

Our motivation

Communities of people experiencing the joy of reaching their full potential is our passion. HealthMotivate’s story is grounded in spiritual principles that place infinite value in each person.

Healing is not supported by a healthcare system that prioritizes reimbursement over outcomes, a quick prescription over forging a roadmap to wellness. Wholeness requires behavior change and each participant taking ownership of health.

Your healthy and hopeful lifestyle is HealthMotivate’s first priority. Dedicated to sharing the tools for well-being, our team serves with backgrounds in healthcare, technology, design, and research.

The value of a preventative approach

Moving towards your full potential creates happiness and hope. You can live healthfully, preventing disease and enjoying the highest quality life.

Preventive care that defends you from emergencies or hospital visits is the most simple and cost effective. Remarkably, the four leading causes of death are caused by preventable chronic disease: heart disease, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and stroke. Costs of these visits can be exorbitant. Let’s roadmap a successful healing journey to wholeness with proper nutrition, stress management and other effective lifestyle interventions.