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HealthMotivate measures success by making healing and wholeness a reality for you. Together, we will navigate a complex, broken medical system, revolutionize the way you pursue wellness and initiate a healing journey.

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The Infinite Value of Each Person

HealthMotivate partners with you to build a vibrant lifestyle of healthy habits. Believing in your infinite value, we offer transformative primary care. You will experience personalized patient engagement with your provider on a customized digital health platform developed in-house. Your provider will work closely with you to help you meet your goals.

Why HealthMotivate?

Outcomes Matter

Your health is our first priority. You will be supported by genuine care that measures outcomes. HealthMotivate makes wellness a reality by optimizing healthcare and inspiring each person to seek wholeness. Start a successful journey to reach your optimal physical, mental, spiritual and social potential.

Our Services


Primary Care dedicated to the success of your health journey.

Lifestyle Medicine

Our Lifestyle Medicine certified providers support optimal evidence-based lifestyle interventions. Healthy eating, physical activity, stress management, meaningful relationships, quality sleep, and freedom from addictions can reverse and prevent chronic illnesses.

Internal Medicine

Scientific knowledge and clinical expertise is applied to diagnose, treat, and solve complex medical issues while pursuing wholeness with compassion. Together, we can promote health, prevent diseases, and construct your blueprint for a vibrant life.

Women's Health

Supporting each season of life for today’s busy, multi-tasking woman, we offer a full range of services.  Women’s diseases can act or look differently than they do in men. We’ll discuss screening, prevention, and treatment options uniquely tailored to support whole health.

Elder Care

Growing older may present challenges that require specialized knowledge. You can have peace as you evaluate the best options. We offer support through the complexities you are navigating. Live your fullest life with confidence and preparedness.

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New patients are invited to contact our office to learn what it means to be under the care of our dedicated care team.

HealthMotivate News

Our Community Stories

We are dedicated to your meaningful journey to wholeness. Read about how HealthMotivate’s community is impacting healthcare as we learn to make positive behavior choices and reach wellness goals.

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